Disagreement and dissent are fundamental for organisations and teams. Without them people won’t feel safe enough, the lack of trust will increase and the business will ship less successful products and services. That might sound contradictory because many people find disagreement and dissent threatening and difficult. So difficult that they might avoid it all together, which contribute to the creation of a vicious cycle. The principles and practices of Resourceful Leadership helps you to form a virtuous cycle of diversity, inclusion, safety, trust and more successful products as a result. In this full day training you will learn to master Resourceful Leadership.

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Learnings gained in this training

  • How the brain responds when working with other people and during disagreements.
  • How to create relevant conditions for productive decisions and disagreements to take place. 
  • How to resolve disruptive conflicts

How this training will improve team performance

Situations where gained knowledge is particularly useful

  • Disagreements between team members repeatedly lead to disruptive, harmful or unresolved conflicts.
  • During the creation and kick-off phase of newly formed teams, the merge of several teams or split of a team.
  • When there are patterns of low engagement and participation within teams, working groups or throughout the organisation.
  • When a team, project or working group demonstrate group thinking and a lack of innovation.

Roles that benefit from this training

  • Team lead
  • Managers at all organisational levels
  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum master
  • Team member
  • Team coach
  • Organisational and Enterprise coach

Format & price


Martin Wasielewski

Martin has over 18 years of practical experience working with a multitude of teams and organisations in various business contexts. For the past 7+ years he’s worked as an organisational and team coach, teacher and speaker. He currently is an independent consultant and has considerably helped to improve team performance at Spotify, King, Lifesum and Fishbrain among others.

His principles, practices, methods and knowledge is rooted in neuroscience, anthropology, complexity theory and group dynamics.