As a coach of organisations, product and teams I help companies assess, design and create environments that enable them to effectively learn, innovate and achieve business outcomes. 

I have over 18 years of experience working with a multitude of teams and organisations in various business contexts and roles. For the past 7+ years I’ve worked as a coach, teacher and speaker. During this time I have considerably helped to improve organisational and team performance at Spotify, Lifesum, Fishbrain and King among others.

Please schedule a free consultation or e-mail me to find out what I can help you with.

What I specifically can assist with

The following list is not exhaustive

  • Assessment of current team and organisational performance including insights and plans how to improve business outcomes.
  • Active coaching and mentoring of teams* to become high performing and improve business outcomes. *incl. product, dev, leadership & executive teams.
  • Just in time coaching – coaching sessions where you bring a specific problem or opportunity you would like to gain perspective, clarity or get unstuck with.
  • Design and facilitate workshops and team/organisational events (e.g. design sprints, self-organisation, team formations, plannings, working agreements, off-sites etc) 
  • Mentoring and/or coaching of managers, product owners/managers, executives, leaders and coaches.
  • Development of effective agile organisational structures and processes.
  • Lectures, trainings and public speaking within areas of leadership, product management, team dynamics & performance, agile mindset/principles/techniques, communication, feedback, culture etc

Please schedule a free consultation or e-mail me to find out what I can help you with.

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