Organisational, Product & Team Coaching

Background experience

People and organisations repeatedly ask me for guidance as they experience complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

As a coach of organisations, products and teams I help companies ‘make sense of’ and ‘respond to’ their context specific opportunities and challenges. This involves assessing and creating appropriate conditions.

Often the work is centered on organisation, collaboration and producing utility for the business, users, society and the environment. It includes enabling effective learning, innovation and desired outcomes.

I have an innate interest for people’s relation to each other, themselves and their surroundings when solving challenges.

This has led me to study engineering, anthropology, social neuroscience, complexity, business & product management and economy. With my multidisciplinary knowledge I explore, understand and address situations from multiple angles.

In the last 20+ years I’ve been fortunate to work with many organisations and teams.

I’ve put theory into practice in various business contexts, both as an individual contributor and manager. I’ve contributed considerably to organisational ability at Spotify, Acast, Lifesum, Fishbrain and King among others.