How to create Shared Understanding

As promised in my last post I will deep dive into the subject of shared understanding in this post. I’ll specifically provide details of how to create shared understanding. Let’s jump straight in. When people get together to identify, prioritise and find solutions to complex opportunities and problems it often results in different and divergingRead MoreHow to create Shared Understanding

Beyond Agile

It’s time we start to push ourselves to move beyond agile. Specifically in terms of the discussions we’re having and the lack of positive effects those discussions leads to. I see way too many conversations where the focus is centered on agile vs Agile, on what it is and isn’t, who is and who isn’t,Read MoreBeyond Agile

How to become effective at resolving conflicts in teams

According to research 49% of work teams and 60% of leadership teams have not found effective ways to deal with conflict! In this post I share tools and techniques that are highly effective in managing conflicts in teams.

Characteristics of high performing teams

In order for tech companies to be competitive and successful they need to shape their work around teams. But just organising work around teams is not sufficient, teams must also be high performing or your company will not utilise the benefits of teamwork. In my work with companies, founders, managers, leaders and team members I’ve

How this simple and engaging exercise improves a teams productivity in challanging situations

A considerable number of teams and individuals that I’ve worked with have failed to reach satisfactory results and progress because of how they communicate. I’ve found that they commonly aren’t aware that communication is a substantial culprit. This is specifically true when the level of uncertainty in a situation or topic is considerable, e.g. whenRead MoreHow this simple and engaging exercise improves a teams productivity in challanging situations

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